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Cannabis Loyalty Rewards Program

Joining Shore House Canna’s Loyalty Program is a smart choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a rewarding and personalized experience. The program offers a seamless three-step process, beginning with an instant reward of 150 points upon signup. This initial boost sets the stage for a gratifying journey where every dollar spent earns you points.

Redeeming points is flexible, whether online or with the assistance of our knowledgeable budtenders during checkout. The loyalty program encourages a sense of community, allowing you to share the benefits with friends while enjoying exclusive perks yourself.

How it works

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Step 1 - Join

Create an account and be gifted 150 points, just for signing up.

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Step 2 - Earn

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Earn an additional 150 points for every friend you refer to to Shorehouse Canna.

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Step 3 - redeem

Redeem your loyalty points online or asking your budtender to redeem your points for you at the time of check out.

Point System

  • $1 = 1 point
  • For every 50 points earned a customer will receive a $3 coupon
  • Points can be combined
  • Points are available 24 hours after date of purchase
  • Points are calculated from the dollar amount after discounts AND points applied AND before taxes
  • Points will expire 90 days after your most recent transaction

Customer Discounts

  • New Jersey Medical Card Holder – 10% 
  • Seniors – 10%
  • Veterans – 20%
  • Cape May Residents (08204 zip code) – 5%
  • First Responders, Nurses, Teachers – 15%

Please note: customer discounts can not be stacked or combined in any way. Customers qualifying for multiple discount categories may choose ONE discount to apply per purchase.

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Frequently Asked questions

All customers 21+ (18+ for medical customers) 

You can sign up for our loyalty program by visiting the Loyalty Page on our website.

Yes. Customers are responsible for paying the sales tax on all purchases when using loyalty points. 

Yes, customers can earn and redeem points for both online orders and in-stores purchases.

Yes, customers must sign up for the to start collecting points.

No, your loyalty points do not get removed from your wallet until you check out with a budtender.

You can redeem points from your wallet over the phone for delivery or the request can be added in your special instructions if you would like to use points.

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